sandhill crane, 2016, seen while birding Adak Consolidated Services, Adak, Alaska


Adak Consolidated Services

Adak Island's unique position in the middle of the Aleutians affords both rare and common sightings of birds blown off migration routes from Asia, as well as seasonal and year-around species.

Frank and Barb Haas' Birding on Adak Island site is a treasure trove of information, even noting a first recorded sighting and great photos.

Bird feeding stations are often set up by repeat birding expeditions in advance of their travel and several bird feeders can be found in residents' yards, assuring varied sightings.

For more information or to reserve your own Adak birding adventure, please contact:

Adak Consolidated Services
Jack Stewart, Owner
P. O. Box 1836
Adak, Alaska 99546
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